Our Name – Chris M. Moore, Encourager

Story behind our name

Our name, I have to give that credit to my wife, Kyndal.

There were a couple of things on this new venture that I just decided not to sweat and that was one of them. When I mentioned over dinner one night in December of 2010 that I was interested in starting my own ministry, I shared two names that I had thought of. Then the first thing out of her mouth was Main Street Ministries. Interesting. Honestly at first I wasn’t so sure, but then as the minutes and hours passed it grew on me. And here is why.

First and foremost I spent more than 18.5 years in my childhood home — which my grandparents built and my dad lived in when he was child — off of North Main Street in Sumter, SC. My grandparents, great grandparents and distant aunt, uncles and cousin lived in the same neighborhood. That was home.

On top of being our family home, it is also where my family has conducted business and served the Sumter community for five generations — needless to say our roots run deep on Laverne and North Main Streets.

So we have home, business and last, but not least church. Our home church prior to going into ministry was Northside Memorial Baptist Church also located across the street from our businesses on Main Street. 

Once we had decided on the name, God placed this phrase on my heart and I uttered these words, “Every town has a Main Street, but have you found the Main Road to Heaven?” A slogan and core statement of how you can only obtain eternal life through Jesus Christ — no other way. Not to mention the Roman Road and what that teaches us about our faith. So I then immediately thought of a logo — which came together quite nicely I think, as I had envisioned it — and the rest is history.

Onward and Upward!