Did the Church fail?

This week tragedy struck our community. It is a reminder of the evilness that can exist in the heart of man. Many of us have more questions than we do answers. Our hearts are heavy. We grieve for the families involved and for the things our first responders had to endure as they responded.

My newsfeed has been filled with the heaviness we all feel, especially the wives of our first responders and what their loved ones saw that tragic evening.

You don’t just wake up, and those things go away. They stay with you. That is why we need to pray for our first responders, who run into situations that the rest of us run from. I can not imagine. Pray for them. Thank them. Encourage them when you see them. They carry things with them long after the accidents and events are no longer in our newsfeeds.

As all this swirls in my head, I began wrestling with the question, “Did the church fail in this situation?”

Let me explain …

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