34 quotes from Day 2 of the 2017 Global Leadership Summit

Here are a few quotes from Day 2 of the 2017 Global Leadership Summit. 

Laszlo Bock

Senior Advisor, Google

  • Treat your employees great and they will do great things. 
  • Give your work meaning. 
  • Remind and reconnect people with your mission. 
  • People remember the duty and forget the joy. 
  • Leader: If you’re not uncomfortable, you’re doing it wrong! 

​Juliet Funt

CEO, WhiteSpace at Work

  • The pause has been squeezed out by the tyranny of the urgent. 
  • We are too busy to become less busy. 
  • We need more white space, a strategic pause taken between activities. 
  • You must decrapify your productivity. 
  • The thieves of productivity: Drive. Excellence. Information. Activity. 
  • “Beware of the lollipop of mediocrity; lick it once and you’ll suck forever.” -Brian Wilson

Marcus Buckingham

Best-selling author, Founder of The Marcus Buckingham Company

  • Your job is to build more teams like your best teams. 
  • Ask two questions each week of those you lead: (1) What are your priorities? (2) How can I help?
  • Teams don’t want feedback they want attention. 

Sam Adeyemi

Founder and Senior Pastor of Daystar Christian Centre in Nigeria

  • In leadership, you don’t attract who you WANT, but rather who you are. 
  • Real and sustainable change in people’s lives begins with their sense of identity. 
  • Sometimes where you are used to isn’t what you belong to. 
  • Your vision is like a mirror. Can people see themselves in that future? 
  • If somebody hangs around you for a year, will they be different? Will they be better? 
  • We are the church because we go. 

Immaculee Ilibagiza

Advocate for Peace and Forgiveness

  • We failed to love each other. 
  • Be thankful for the ones you have in your life. 
  • I will seek to understand you. 
  • I don’t have to compete with evil.
  • There is so much freedom in letting go. 

Angela Duckworth
Professor, University of Pennsylvania 
Best-selling Author

  • GRIT is sustained passion and perseverance for especially long-term goals. 
  • What is deliberate practice? (1) Set a stretch goal (2) Focus 100% (3) Get Feedback (4) Reflect and refine (5) Repeat the process
  • What GRIT in your life and leadership? (1) Develop your interets before training your weaknesses. (2) Know the science of deliberate practice. [Reflect. Refine. Repeat] (3) Cultivate purpose. (4) Have a growth mind-set. 
  • Don’t quit on a bad day, on a good day maybe, but not on a bad day. Have someone that would love you enough to remind you that. 

Gary Haugen
Founder & CEO, International Justice Mission 

  • Nothing undermines like fear. 
  • Leadership begins with a dream. 
  • When fear enters … Love of the dream is replaced with preoccupation of self. 
  • Combat fears in your dreams and leadership by: (1) Relentlessly inventorying your fears. What am I really scared of? Anxious about? (2) Switch from playing defense to playing offense. (3) Forge a community of courage around you. 
  • You cannot lead forward while trying to take cover in a bunker.